Get The Drive is a program that shows drivers and riders exactly how to get the sponsorship and create the opportunities that will get them on that grid once and for all.

You are about to learn the very methods that the successful drivers, sports agencies and managers are using right now to get their race seats. 

After this you will have no excuses!

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"This is the first and only business program of it's kind in the Motorsport industry." 

Hello Driver

I am Enzo Mucci and I welcome you to the audio workshop that is designed to help you get the sponsorship and/or backing needed to race.

This is dedicated to getting you on that grid and to help turn you into the ultimate racing entrepreneur.

Click play on the video below and I will give you a quick tour and let you know what to expect.


You are about to gain access to a full sponsorship and entrepreneurial program specifically designed for those who race.

In this 10 hour audio and practical workshop you will be walked through the process of attracting sponsorship plus the other 7 ways in which drivers are getting into race seats now.

On top of that you will learn the vital entrepreneur skills needed to pull this off.

This is the complete race driver business package that will help you succeed on and off track.

When you purchase Get The Drive you will enjoy lifetime access to the program, here are just a handful of areas covered:


1 Payment = Lifetime Access!

Get The Drive is going to save you thousands of hours and dollars, we have done the hard work for you.

It's time to invest in you and get lifetime access to the most groundbreaking race driver program around for only:


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Dude you have saved my life. Out of the 8 ways that you teach to get the drive I applied No.2 and No. 4 and today I got the call....I GOT THE DRIVE. Thank you so much for this I will send you my results. Unreal

- S. Simpson, USA

I'm seriously enjoying what you've put together, and finding a lot of practical value in it. Spotted things with my existing presentation that I can improve upon. It's time to put a plan together. 

- B. Dias, Hong Kong

‘You first, then the how’ is such an awesome philosophy. I'm half way thru the program now. The section on sponsorship in step 3 was mega.

- J. Dixon, Australia

So far the product has been great! I'm currently just finishing my proposal.

- F. Crossley, UK

I must commend you on this series of how to get the drive. The way you put things across makes it so easy to understand. Really really impressive.

- M. Wane, South Africa

I want to say a huge thank you for the Get The Drive program. It's really changed the way I view the business side of our sport, and whilst I'm still in an early phase of putting to use the lessons the program has taught me, I can already see how my attitude has changed from a cynical Kart racer who believed sponsorship without family connections was a myth, to the aspiring racing entrepreneur I'm becoming.

- A. Nevill, UK