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The Contents

Get The Drive gives you the full workshop experience, it is a mixture of audio, worksheet downloads and templates.

Audio Workshop

At the heart of the program is a 10 hour audio workshop where Enzo teaches the vital information that will help you get the drive you want and the psychology training you need to make a success of your racing on the business side.

It is split into 5 parts, they are laid out in the following way:

Part 1 - Get The Matrix

  • 1

    The Rules 1 - 3

    First we align your psychology, it's time to become a Racentrepreneur.

  • 2

    The Rules 4 - 6

    These are the second half of the fundamental rules and beliefs that we are to adopt.

Part 2 - Get Clear


  • 3

    Your North Star

    The first thing to get clear on and to cement in place is your North Star, where are you going?

  • 4

    Why and Where Now

    Then we get to the heart of things and see where you are now to map the course.

  • 5

    What Has Stopped You

    Time to get face the truth, the real reasons for why it hasn't happened for you up to now

  • 6

    Your What If's

    Another powerful mental exercise here that Enzo will walk you through (motivation warning)

Part 3 - The Great 8


  • 7

    The Great 8 and Your First Quest

    The Great 8 is Enzo's way of teaching you the 8 ways that drivers are getting race seats now, sponsorship is just one route, there are 7 more ways that he will teach you.

  • 8

    Sponsorship Run Through

    The full low down on sponsorship and how it works now

  • 9

    What To Offer Companies

    Here is the truth, what companies are really after and how you can provide it for them

  • 10

    Get Stats That Sell

    No grey areas allowed with companies nowadays, you need stats and proof. Here is how to do that.

  • 11

    5 Things That Companies Want From You

    Now we really get to the core of it, what every company wants.

  • 12

    What They Really Want

    Time to bring it back to the foundations, this is what they really want deep down.

  • 13

    Get Your Figures Right

    This is where we do the Math, too many drivers fail to do this and get caught out.

  • 14

    Set Your Sales Targets

    By now you have most things listed out, next you need to set the individual sales targets.

  • 15

    How To Make A Sponsorship Proposal

    This is where we learn how to best make and present your sponsorship proposal.

  • 16

    The Companies To Approach

    Most drivers do not know which companies to approach, we tackle this problem here.

  • 17

    Strategy 2 - B2B

    This is where we talk about other ways to get a drive, B2B is a powerful way, all is explained.

  • 18

    Strategy 3 - Driver Investment

    How to get someone to invest in your career, this is gold for some drivers.

  • 19

    Strategy 4 - Get Donations

    Another great way to get funding is through donations, many drivers overlook this.

  • 20

    Strategy 5 - Race Team Deals

    Here we plan how you can get a team to offer you a free or subsidized drive. This really works.

  • 21

    Strategy 6 - Pro Driver

    This is for drivers who have been racing for a few years and leverage that to get a drive.

  • 22

    Strategy 7 - Manufacturers, Driver Programs & Scholarships

    How to attract and get on this route, again a proven method for drivers with small budgets.

  • 23

    Strategy 8 - The Trojan Horse

    This is how you work your way into a drive without people noticing, this is clever.

Part 4 - Get Battle Ready


  • 24

    Get Things In Order

    It's time to get practical. First we need to clean up your image before doing this.

  • 25

    Your Strengths & Weaknesses

    Let's get even more clear on you and train you up before we hit the boardrooms

  • 26

    Build Your Army

    These are the people you need to join and help you. Plus how to attract them.

Part 5 - The 3 Masters


  • 27

    The Masters Intro

    These are the 3 things that you must master in order to pull all of this off.

  • 28

    How To Master Your Time

    Time is a big challenge for drivers when trying to fit this in, here is how to use your time better

  • 29

    Mastering You

    Next you need to master the main attributes of you.

  • 30

    Obsession Is Your Weapon

    A lesson in obsession and how to create it.

  • 31

    How To Keep Motivated

    Motivation is something that will be tested, here is your workshop on how to maintain it.

  • 32

    How To Be Confident

    Enzo will teach you how to create confidence for when you are pitching and approaching

  • 33

    How To Hit Every Day Running

    Your daily mental state is paramount, this is how to start your day so you stay strong

  • 34

    Using Questions To Control Your Emotions

    Questions direct our focus and out emotional state, another powerful workshop.

  • 35

    Align Your Personal Life / Environment

    An area that people forget about until it hits them, this needs to be aligned.

  • 36

    Master Selling

    This is all about sales, the number one skill that we must now master.

  • 37

    Get Sold

    The first person to convince is you, we need to sell you on this first.

  • 38

    How To Pitch & Cold Call

    Like the title says, here Enzo will teach you some great techniques on pitching.

  • 39

    The Boardroom Sales Pitch

    Enzo still listens to this part now when doing presentations, own the room.

  • 40

    The Mindset To Win Them Over

    Selling to people is moving people, this is how to do it.

  • 41

    Piggy Backing

    A clever way to use other drivers/sports to generate sponsorship and investment, pure gold.

  • 42

    Getting Through To The Right People

    It's one thing to have something to sell but you need to get the attention of the right person.

  • 43

    Never Stop Pulling

    Like when in a relationship, you need to continuously turn on your sponsors to keep them.

  • 44

    Influencing People

    Mastering the art of influencing people.

  • 45

    Finishing Off

    This is where we wrap things up and get out there.

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